Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Routine HVAC/R Maintenance

//Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Routine HVAC/R Maintenance

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Routine HVAC/R Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning is not only vital to the comfort of your customers/tenants and employees, it could also have a vital affect to your bottom line. As a business owner, you have gotten to where you are by knowing what is a sound investment and what is a waste of money. Failing to see the value of investing money in the health of your HVAC system could have severe consequences. Here are a few reasons why routine HVAC/Refrigeration maintenance should not be ignored.

Effect on air quality

The air that you breathe indoors is vital to your health, especially seeing as how we spend so much time inside these days. For your business, it matters most to your employees who spend 8 hours a day or more inside breathing the air. Studies have shown that real value is lost via employee sick days, lower efficiency, and health care costs because indoor air has caused allergies or other sicknesses. Sick building syndrome collectively costs businesses a fortune each year. Don’t let it happen to you.

Costly emergencies

If you are a business or building that relies on a properly functioning heating and A/C system and it happens to breakdown, it could mean having deal with irate tenants and customers or in extreme cases even result in a complete shutdown. Not only could you potentially lose out on business, you will also incur unforeseen expenses for emergency repairs. The small amount you pay now is well worth the insurance against the costly consequences later.

High bills

Being a successful business takes having a keen eye for efficiency and savings. Being able to cut back on your overhead expenses is one method that is often missed. Cutting back on even a bit of energy each month can turn into big savings for a large company. Just ask UPS how much they saved by instructing their 96,000 trucks to only take left turns when absolutely necessary.

By cutting down on idling they saved a fortune in gas and time. You can save money each month by having your system work more efficiently. You can keep your office, warehouse, or showroom heated for far less each year if you just had it maintained. Ignoring maintenance costs you money out of your pocket each month when the heating bill comes.

You are well aware how vital your heating or A/C is to the success of your company. Not only do you, your employees and customers depend on it, it is likely that your products do as well. These are some of the main reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore routine HVAC maintenance. Cool-Aid Mechanical is the go-to commercial HVAC services provider in the GTA.  Call us whenever you need experienced professionals for all of your HVAC/R requirements..

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