How Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money

//How Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money

How Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your Business Money

People spend a lot of time at the office.  Five days out of every seven – and often even more often than that – your building has people in it who need to be warm in the winter and cooled in the summer.  It costs far more money to replace a heating or air conditioning system than it does to keep your current one in good repair.   Here are some reasons to keep your HVAC system in tip top shape with preventative maintenance.

Protection from Winter

Winters in Canada can be very unpredictable.  In the severely colder months, when the temperature is maybe twenty degrees below freezing, a functional heating system is necessary for people to come in to the office to work at all.  If your heating system is pushed too far this winter and has never had consistent maintenance, it could be knocked out completely.  In that case, all business would have to stop until the heating was fixed, which would cost you money several times over.  Get your heating system checked up regularly to ensure this never happens to you.

Relief from the Summer

Summers in Canada can be equally as severe.  With temperatures in southern Ontario hovering around thirty or forty degrees on the hottest days, being in the heat can bring on some serious discomfort and health issues for your employees.  If your building’s air conditioning were to give out, your workspace would be very sticky and uncomfortable, which would drastically decrease morale and productivity.  Also, heat can affect computers and technology adversely – if a computer overheats, it is prone to crash and lose data.  Make sure you can keep your people and your equipment cool this summer by keeping your system in good repair.

Don’t let the elements take your building by surprise.  Keep your HVAC system in good repair with regular preventative maintenance from Cool-Aid Mechanical.

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