3 Sustainable Tips to Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

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3 Sustainable Tips to Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

Running a successful business is about finding ways to cut costs and reduce the price of your goods or services. The savvy business owner knows that there are more ways to cut back than just looking to your suppliers or products. Heating and cooling your building is one of a company’s biggest expenses, with cooling your space accounting for up to 15% of electricity bills according to Energy Star. What’s more, governmental energy agencies claim that 30% of HVAC power goes to waste. Here are 3 sustainable tips to save you money on your commercial energy bills so that you can start cutting back on waste.

  • Use a programmable thermostat

The costs of upgrading are far outweighed by the hundreds that you will save when you install a programmable thermostat at your business. You can program it a number of different ways to compensate for different seasons or work hours. For example, you can set one to keep a certain temperature during the week and then a less demanding one on the weekends when you aren’t at your business. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your business.

  • Install energy efficient windows and doors

Depending on the nature of your business, installing energy-efficient windows and doors could be the most sustainable and efficient way to cut back on costs and help the environment. The government often incentivizes this in many ways via loans or grants. These products have been shown to save upwards of a few hundred dollars per year on energy costs depending on the weather. They are ideal for a place of business.

  • Have your ducts inspected and sealed

Vents and ducts are the highway system for your HVAC appliances. Ensuring that they are properly sealed can help your system run up to 20% more efficiently. A simple check-up from an experienced commercial HVAC professional can go a long way. The sealing effect helps retain energy which works wonders for unprotected areas or unheated storage spaces.

Finding ways to cut back on waste in your business is vital to ensuring long-term growth and success. By cutting back on your utility bills you can invest your savings in your business and help pad your bank account. Use these 3 sustainable tips to save money on your energy bills, and make sure to keep up on preventative maintenance using a reputable commercial HVAC company.

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