The Reasons Your Commercial Building is Losing Energy

//The Reasons Your Commercial Building is Losing Energy

The Reasons Your Commercial Building is Losing Energy

Running a business is a numbers game. You need to take in more than you give out or else you are going to be running a charity, and not a successful operation. The market these days is more competitive than it has ever been, and that means you need to find new ways to gain an edge. Saving money in non-traditional areas can make or break your bottom line each year, and that’s why more and more business owners are turning to their energy bills to make a cut back. You might be wondering why your energy bills keep rising, so here are the reasons why your commercial building is losing energy.

You have old HVAC equipment

Like everything in existence, your HVAC equipment is going to start to break down over time. The more it is used, the lower the performance is going to be. Some studies have shown that the HVAC system can account for as much as 40% of the total energy that your building uses. Not only are you going to be paying for more maintenance and repairs, but you are also going to be paying for more energy because it is running less efficiently. Upgrading now might cost more up front, but will save you a lot of money over time.

You are investing too much in repairs

Just like the above situation, if you find yourself investing too much money in repairing your system, it probably means that it’s on its way out anyway. These repairs add up overtime, and could actually end up doing more harm than good.  Also, quick fixes might be good in a pinch, but they should never be long term solutions. Get the situation under control, but then hire a professional company to properly repair things. If you find this happening too often, then it is time to replace the system.

You aren’t using a BAS

A building automation system or BAS allows for you to control all the systems within your building. This will not only allow you to control things, but also to collect data on consumption. If you aren’t using one, then you won’t be able to tell where your energy is slipping off to. As much as 30% of your energy could be wasted because of this.

As a business owner or commercial building owner, you are going to need to do everything you can to cut prices and remain competitive. This means looking for new, more creative ways to cut back. If you are paying bills that you think are way too high, then you need to know some of the reasons why your commercial building is losing energy, and do what you can to fix them. Cool-Aid Mechanical can help keep your bills down, and help you stay in business.

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