Should You Get a Humidifier?

//Should You Get a Humidifier?

Should You Get a Humidifier?

If you own a business, you know that the air quality in your establishment is incredibly important for your customer’s wellbeing and happiness. You want your customers to feel happy and comfortable in your establishment, so that they want to spend time there. Air quality can also have a huge effect on your employees wellbeing, and as a result, their general productivity.

Air humidity can cause a variety of health symptoms, including:

  • Respiratory problems (such as asthma).
  • Dry skin (which can cause itching, sore and raw skin, and unappealing flakes).
  • Chapped, painful lips.
  • Nose bleeds. (The dry air will affect your nostrils, causing nose bleeds. This is especially a problem if you have a cold.)
  • Dehydration – you will have to drink more water to deal with the effects of the dry air.

Dry air can also affect the lifespan of furniture and other items in your building. Dry air can cause wood to dry out and become brittle and aged before its time.

How Can Cool-Aid Mechanical Help?

At Cool-Aid Mechanical, we are experts at keeping your air quality at the standard it needs to be for optimum comfortability. We can install a humidifier as part of your central heating and cooling system. This will keep your business at the optimal humidity level all year long.

How Does This Work?

  • The humidifier has the ability to sense humidity levels in the business, much like the way a heating and cooling system can sense temperature levels.
  • The control will add water vapor to the circulated air when the air becomes too dry for human and animal comfort.

With Cool-Aid’s help, you will have your clients feeling comfortable and wanting to return. Our humidifiers are perfect for restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, and other professional spaces. Call us today for an estimate and more information.

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