As a business owner or building manager, your mind is often fixated on your bottom line. This means that if you are operating under a tight budget, then your mind starts to drift towards leaving things to be taken care of later. Deferring maintenance of your commercial HVAC might seem like it will help you save money, but it’s actually the opposite of the truth. You need to think in the long-term rather than thinking about saving a quick dollar in the short run.


Here is why you should never defer maintenance of your commercial HVAC system.


Small issues become big issues when you defer HVAC maintenance


All systems, no matter how new, will eventually need tune ups and repairs, and the longer you wait the worse things get. Small issues can eventually snowball and lead to major issues. It might even end up too much to handle. Instead of getting an inspection or quick tune up, you could end up needing a whole new system. That isn’t a good way to save money.


Poor energy efficiency


If you tune up your car, then it doesn’t burn nearly as much gas. The same goes for your commercial HVAC. If you get preventative maintenance, your energy efficiency will improve. Defer it for later and you will find yourself paying more and more for bills each month. Equipment efficiency can decrease as much as 5% annually. If you really want to save money, then you should start by keeping your energy bills low.


Deferring maintenance for your HVAC system costs more


Since some people think it costs a lot of money to get maintenance, it would be helpful to point out that not getting maintenance actually costs more. The alternative to a few quick repairs is a major emergency. It is inevitable that something will go wrong if you don’t keep up on it. The costs will be two-fold by that time – not only will you pay a lot in repairs, you will also lose a lot in downtime.


Commercial HVAC is our specialty here at Cool-Aid Mechanical, and over the years we have learned just how important it is for companies to keep up on their HVAC system maintenance. We always advise our customers to never defer maintenance of their commercial HVAC systems.