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Roof Top Units Retrofit

There will always come a time when you will be confronted with this question “is it worth fixing or, should we just replace it”. This dilemma is more often than not, accompanied by misguided actions of “spending good money over bad money”. We have an obligation and a responsibility to assist clients through such situations and offer solutions which will benefit them instantaneously and beyond.

Most currently, we provided the necessary resources to our client and helped them realize a rebate in excess of $13,000.00 dollars not counting, the thousands more on future savings on hydro bills. We achieved this by recommending a small retrofit of just five of their old roof top units. The new units were hi efficiency and were also equipped with economizers (order to allow fresh air into the building) therefore offering even further savings on air conditioning operating costs during the shoulder seasons. This was achieved with minimal burden to our client as, we managed the entire project from start to finish including the overwhelming quagmire of paper work and necessary dealings with the other institutions involved.