Hydronic Valves Retro-Fit 2017-11-29T14:23:09+00:00

Newman Centre (U of T) Hydronic Valves Retro-Fit

An emergency call came in one day form frantic client of ours that the boiler room was flooding. Needless to say within the hour of that frantic call, we were on site assessing the situation while already standing in a foot of water. We found that the head of the one of the globe valves had completely popped off and the make-up water system was shut off as the system slowly finished draining. There were a total of 18 valves on both the supply and return header which were at least 30 years old. If there was any silver lining in this situation it was the fact this just so happened in the period of summer allowing our client the time to make some decisions. The consensus was to replace all the valves and avoid the possibility of this happening again the very near future.Both the supply and return headers were dropped and all the valves removed. New valves were installed along with new 4” fabricated supply and return headers with 18 take offs on each header. The system was tested to ensure no leaks then filled to 25psi system operating pressure.